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Impressions from Node Interactive

author Dumitru GlavanDumitru Glavan (@doomhz)

Organised in the city center of Amsterdam, Node Interactive was the first official Node conference I went to. The location couldn’t get better than that. Amsterdam is inspiring!

The event lasted for four days and hosted lots of big names from the NodeJS community. The first two days were dedicated to presentations, panels and small workshops. In fact, there were so many presenters speaking on two tracks that the talks lasted only 20 minutes each. It was tough to go too much into details in such a small amount of time. However, mostly all the key topics regarding Node were covered.


It’s a hot topic nowadays. Tools like Now try to abstract the cloud and provide a smooth Heroku alike system where you don’t care how your infrastructure is deployed, focusing on writing code, Now takes care of the rest with just a touch of the button.



Still kinda experimental but they got so popular at the moment that everyone is asking themselves “Will containers disappear?” “DevOps must die?”. Lambdas

Artificial Intelligence

AI, deep learning and bots seem to be a very hot topic in the Node community as well, I finally got a feeling on how a neural network works…or did I?.. Anyway, is a good starting point for that.

Artificial Inteligence

Internet of Things

Node runs everywhere, small devices, human implants, open source hardware and that’s just the beginning.

Internet of Things


It’s getting stronger with every version even with a very small core team of 3 and a half people working on it. Feel free to contribute!


NodeSchool is organising workshops all around the world, welcoming more and more people to the Node community. Support them and grow the Node community!

One stable fork

The big drama in the Node community seems to be over and everyone is working on the same code fork at the moment. Stable and LTS versions get security patches faster lately.

Node Streams

Streams got better but the code behind them is still full of spaghetti.

Node Foundation

Big names like IBM, PayPal, Microsoft and NearForm are deeply involved in the decisions on the Node roadmap, which is good. The NodeJS foundation is strong.

Node Fundation

The last two days were dedicated to Node school workshops for beginners and core roadmap discussions. The venue was amazing and the food was great. There was lots of free beer at the BeerJS drink up, networking was easy, everyone was super social and friendly because it’s Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Venue